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Sophie Lacour


Sophie started to practice Iyengar Yoga in 2002 for health reason: it is the only type of yoga who could helped with her back pain and severe migraine. Thanks to her practicing, years after years, it became an evidence that teaching  Iyengar was her way.


She's been travelling  all around to follow the best Iyengar teachers as Corinne and Faeq Biria, Lois steinberg, Carrie Owerko, Eyal Shifroni to extend her knowledge.


Far from any regular Iyengar School, after 10 years of intensive studies, she finally realised her dream in 2013

being an Iyengar teacher.

Everybody knowing Sophie, will tell you the same, she is an amazing person... free, pure, generous, smiling, respectful... but first of all she is honest. Along her trip to health and realization, she can help you as well by introducing you to other techniques that she knows well and worked for her.


Her main idea is your health, the path for a peaceful mind in a peaceful body.


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